lunes, 25 de enero de 2010

CU6- Dialogue Minkinkin & Marco

Dialogue Marco and Marco

Marco A: hi!!
Marco P: hello!!
Marco A: how are you?
Marco P: I’ m fine thanks, and you?
Marco A: fine thanks
Marco A: what do you usually do on weekend?
Marco P: I will practice to rondalla
Marco A: ¡¡oooh!! very well, I like serenatas
Marco P: that’s fine, and what do you usually do on weekend?
Marco A: I will play with my son to the park a Saturday
Marco P: and Friday’s night?
Marco A: I will to a bar with my friends to drink some beer
Marco P: why not invite me?
Marco A: I’ m sorry my cell phone don’t work
Marco P: that’s OK, no problem
Marco A: see you later brother, because I’m going to work
Marco P: see you soon take care

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