jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

CU9.- Monologue

Hi !! My name is Marco Anonio Pérez Morales, I am 20 yeras old, I study in the Law School, I'm in 3rd Semester, this university is located in Avenue Fanny Anitúa, Ilove my career because I will defend people in difficult times.
My adress is street 27 neighborhood Bosques del Valle, my phone number it's 8-14-71-63 and my Cell Phone it's 618-1-52-99-93, Ilike music especially hip-hop, I'm break dance dancer, I'm in a Modeling Agency and the band too.

1 comentario:

  1. Hi Marco,

    Your presentation is well done. It's interesting to know you are a model, a dancer and law student.And that you are at your school's band too. You are a very busy person. You just forgot to say who you admire most.

    PS. Hope those aren't your real phone and celphone numbers. Someone could call you.